Green Rules


About Us

Green Rules is a French-Peruvian importer and exporter company with a career dedicated to manufacture, fabrication and marketing of clothing of the finest cotton recognized worldwide through knowledge and experience of our dedicated designers.  Looking to life an esthetic harmony and garments, taking an objective view of fashion and art.

Currently,  our products are successfully sold national and internationally, taking orders at wholesale and retail competitive markets like France, Italy, Germany, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and others, respecting the trends, meeting the quality highest standards.

We use the latest data security technology and monitoring of cash transactions for adequate protection of your purchase.
Also we thank our customers who have placed their confidence, entrusting the conduct of their entire collections.


Develop manufacturing clothing with the finest natural cotton, contributing to the promotion, development and dissemination of ecological habits and solidarity as the purchase and use of authentic clothing friendly nature.


To become a recognized worldwide company for the quality of our garments of the finest cotton and the exclusivity of the designs and meet the highest standards.

What is Green Rules?

Green, like the fresh herb is said of the trees and plants that still retain some sap, in our context that nature endures its purity. Rules, standards and regulations to keep coming back lifestyle.

The origin of our name, is because we seek to conserve and protect our land, air and  water. Protecting the soil, reducing waste, saving energy, prevent global warming.

That is, clothing is made from materials in the manufacture of not using chemicals or pesticides. Based on the philosophy that the textile industry can join the global fight to respect the environment.

Peru is the home base of cotton in America. The pre-Inca and Inca cultures used this fiber to make their clothing, being witness to this in their graves, especially in the Paracas culture, famous for their coats.

Our Team

We are a team composed of highly skilled and trained professionals to deliver consistently high quality clothing, distinctive designs and exclusive service.
We have achieved strong work values, and involving the care environment in the manufacture of our textile products.

Quality Control

The manufacturing process has a strict control that ensures optimal products and satisfying our customers. Allowing each collection to provide quality standards.